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Vitamin Vitality
When Mark Masthay shines light on vegetable molecules to learn more about lung cancer, he's continuing research that began when he forgot to keep that same chemical in the dark. Mark was a grad student then, at Carnegie Mellon University... Continue Reading

Exercise Lowers Colon Cancer Risk
Keeping physically active can significantly cut the risk of colon cancer, international research shows. Scientists analysed data from 413,000 people in 10 European countries, and found physically active people were 22% less likely to develop the disease. They said an... Continue Reading

Obesity Ups Risk for Colon, Throat Cancers
Obesity is associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer, while obesity and smoking both raise the odds for throat malignancies, two new studies find. In the first study, University of Tokyo researchers examined the effect of body mass index... Continue Reading

Not All Calcium-fortified Foods Provide Same Benefits
Millions of consumers who buy calcium-fortified products to get more calcium into their diets may be in for a surprise. According to research conducted by Robert P. Heaney, M.D., professor of medicine at Creighton University Medical Center, calcium-fortified products, typically... Continue Reading

Laughter May Be the Best Medicine
In hospitals, nursing homes and private clubs all around the country, "certified laughter leaders" are teaching the therapeutic value of mirth, not by telling jokes, but simply pretending to laugh, so that forced hee-hee-hees eventually become honest-to-goodness giggles. [ABC News:... Continue Reading

Green tea shown to prevent prostate cancer
Taking a concentrated version of green tea prevented prostate cancer in a group of men at a high risk of developing the disease in a new study. []... Continue Reading

Processed meats linked to pancreatic cancer
Eating lots of hot dogs, sausages and luncheon meats, along with other forms of processed meat, may boost your risk of pancreatic cancer say researchers. []... Continue Reading

Eat Your Fruits And Vegetables: Broccoli Rabe High In Cancer-fighting Properties
Broccoli rabe by any other name is still ... a leafy green. But broccoli rabe (pronounced "rahb") is also known is broccoli raab, rapini, turnip broccoli, Italian or Chinese broccoli, broccoli rape and Italian turnip. Despite its name (or most... Continue Reading

Carrot Anticancer Agent Identified
Researchers have found that a diet rich in carrots provides anticancer benefits due to the activity of the chemical falcarinol, a natural pesticide, which carrots produce to defend themselves against fungal diseases. Investigators from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne... Continue Reading

Green Vegetables May Decrease Colon Cancer Risk
"Diets high in red meat and low in green vegetables are associated with increased colon cancer risk. This association might be partly due to the heme content of red meat. In rats, dietary heme is metabolized in the gut to... Continue Reading

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