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Page 22, Chapter 1
If a cancerous tumor grows without therapy to aid the healthy cells in fighting the cancerous cells inside it, the life of the host is obviously threatened. Dr. RichardsonŐs revolutionary ideas were never designed to jeopardize the health of his patients, only to rebuild their natural defense systems to fight the cancer from the inside out. He never stopped believing that it is not the cancer that kills, but the breakdown of the body's own defense mechanism that brings death. Every cancer patient he witnessed working hard to stay healthy actually boosted their level of health enough to rebuild their own natural resistance, thereby increasing their chances to fight their cancer.

"Instead of patients spending their final days or years butchered in surgical theaters or microwaved in chemotherapy and radiation rooms," Dr. Richardson wrote in 1977, "I have witnessed my patients experiencing an improved quality of life and enjoyment in their remaining time."

Page 31, Chapter 2
...enzyme therapy is an important and critical step in restoring health. Enzymes help to remedy digestive problems and are crucial in the elimination of all toxins from the body, including toxins released by cancer itself. If not eliminated properly, toxins build and worsen the condition.

Page 41, Chapter 3
...the darker the fruit, the more roughage content and pro-vitamin A provided. A dark apricot has a far richer vitamin store than its pale counterpart, and remember, B17 concentrates within the inner seed.

Page 55, Chapter 4
Foods that promote a feeling of general wellbeing and increased vigor were called "morale foods" 60 years ago.

Page 85, Chapter 5
The benefits of vitamin C in the battle against cancer are many. This vitamin has been called the body's greatest detoxifier. It combines with the toxins in the body, cleanses them, and reduces the total toxic load the body is carrying.

The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet is an affective, easy, and safe way to help your body resist modern diseases. The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet will help you restore your health, gain energy, and purify your body, mind, and spirit.

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