What Is The Cancer Prevention Diet?

Finding nutritional answers to illness is an art passed down from generation to generation. But, the causes of modern diseases are harder to identify today than ever before because the numerous sources of "high-tech" diseases have become lost in today's technological shuffle - chemical foods and artificial sweeteners, polluted environments, toxic inoculations and medications.

Dr. Janet Hull learned through her own illness that curing disease can be very challenging. Because of the degree of toxins in our modern world, human beings are getting sicker at younger ages, and in The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet, she shares the nutritional knowledge she learned when she cured herself of, what was supposed to be, an "incurable" disease.

Because our bodies today are the same as they have been for centuries, it is critical to eat the same as in the past. Instead, humans are adopting one of the most unnatural dietary lifestyles known to humankind, and are becoming diseased because of it.

In the Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet, Dr. Janet Starr Hull shows you how to turn back time and return to the basics of diet and nutrition. She believes that in most cases, cancer and other degenerative diseases can be prevented using nutrition and proper vitamin and mineral supplementation.

You will discover in The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet that two of the B-Complex vitamins help in the prevention of cancer and diseases such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The B-vitamins support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

All other animals instinctively know that vitamins B15 and B17 are found in nature as tools to prevent cancer and other diseases. Humans can get these two vitamins from natural foods, but they are outlawed in the United States when sold in the B-Complex vitamin supplement, and are not included in any manufactured foods. In The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet, Dr. Hull lists the foods that have these critical B-vitamins, and more!

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