Vitamins and Supplements

Daily Detox Vitamin C, 240 capsules

The human body does not produce vitamin C in the liver as most other animals. It is critical to supplement with vitamin C daily either through the foods you eat or by supplementing with a quality C vitamin. The body typically requires more vitamin C than normal, and its importance as a primary antioxidant in removing toxins from the body. Read more about Dr. Hull's Vitamin C.

B-Complex, 250 capsules

B-vitamins are among the first vitamins depleted under stress when toxins are present. It's important to replenish the B-complex vitamins during a detox program. When detoxification is necessary, it is like "stirring a hornet nest" of toxins within the body while disrupting the normal, healthy synthesizing of the B-vitamin complex. Read more about Dr. Hull's B-Complex.

Detox Niacin, 50mg 200 capsules

The primary function of Detox Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is to cleanse the blood, the liver, the lymph system, and the skin. The liver houses more blood than any organ in the human body, so when the liver is toxic, the blood is likely toxic, too. Read more about Dr. Hull's B3 Niacin.

Omnizyme, 90 capsules (Digestive Enzymes)

Proper digestion is the foundation of good health. If nutrients are not digested efficiently, the body has no nourishment to secure wellness. Clinical studies show that digestion is impaired when the body is highly toxic because toxins can literally block the proper assimilation of nutrients. Read more about Dr. Hull's Digestive Enzyme, Omnizyme

VitaPro, 150 capsules (Multi-Vitamin)

Every individual is unique and may require a unique nutritional program. But if you are looking for a general multivitamin, or if a multivitamin has been recommended for your "unique" nutritional needs, VitaPro is the product Dr. Hull recommends. VitaPro can be taken by both men and women, and is safe for children. (If under 12 years of age, the dose may need to be adjusted.) Read more about Dr. Hull's Multi-Vitamin, VitaPro.

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